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Energy costs have driven heating expenses in large commercial facilities to record highs. Responsible environmental practices have transformed from a social responsibility into a customer expectation. Priyan Jayetileke from Four Seasons has found a solution…

Case Study

Reducing Energy Expenses and Emissions

Four Seasons Resort & Spa, Whistler BC, is one of North America’s top year-round mountain resorts. The hotel features over 300 rooms, has an award winning spa, and guests benefit from easy access to the downhill skiing site of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Managing operational efficiency at a resort of this caliber requires diligence, creativity and innovation.

Fuel Prices for the propane heating system at Four Seasons Whistler have maintained a cost of over $17 per GJ of propane since 2005. When factoring in the propane system’s boiler efficiency the cost of delivered heat to the building is well over $23 per GJ. With the Four Seasons elaborate outdoor pool, spa system and the hot water demand of a hotel, energy prices have a serious impact on the operational expense at this facility.

In 2006, after doing considerable research, Priyan Jayetileke (PJ) from Four Seasons implemented a Sempa Power Hybrid Heating solution at the Four Seasons Whistler Resort. Since then this system has enabled Four Seasons to cut annual energy costs by more than $250,000 and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 40%. Does this sound too good to be true?

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